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Edit Content Straight From The Browser

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Manage Content More Efficiently

Just like any other content manage system, the workflow to update content in IRMS-CM can be quite tedious at times. All of the downloading of documents, uploading of documents, and having multiple versions of documents on your computer can often cause some confusion and frustration.

Because we care about the sanity of our users, we decided to add functionality to IRMS-CM that would eliminate the need for these laborious steps in the workflow process. Yes, you read that right. No more downloading. No more uploading. Those steps are gone!

So, how is this possible? IRMS-CM now has the ability to work with a third party plugin tool called Aceoffix.

Aceoffix is web component that allows Microsoft Word to be launched directly in the web browser. So, when it comes time to edit a document stored in CM, the document is open directly in Word that is running in the browser. Can you then make your edits and save the changes. It’s as easy as that.

What Will It Take To Get Going?

In order to use this add-on plugin there are a few pre-requisites that must be met:

  • You must be running IRMS-CM version 2.4.0u or higher
  • The Aceoffix tool needs to be installed & configured on the server
  • The machine on which the browser is running must have MS Word installed
  • A doc or docx file must have already been uploaded to the content record

As you can see in the screenshot below, when this feature is enabled, there are two new menu items available under “Actions”: "Edit" and "Edit Reference".

The new menu items are ENABLED only if BOTH of the following are true:
1. The Content/Reference is EDITIBLE
2. The Content has been checked-out by the current user

IRMS-CM Changes

After selecting Edit, a new browser opens and you’re presented with a browser with Microsoft Word running inside it.

Word running in browser

If you would like to learn more about additional costs to implementation details, please contact your Account Manager, Guy Rallo.