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What to Expect When You're . . . Upgrading!

IRMS Upgrade

So, you’re thinking about upgrading to the latest and greatest version of IRMS? Odds are, it’s been a while since your last upgrade and you’re feeling a little excited and a little anxious about the road that lies ahead. To put your mind at ease, we put together a simple overview of an upgrade project so that you will know what you can expect.

Discovery - A Successful Project Starts With a Successful Discovery Phase

The Discover Phase is an information-gathering process which can last anywhere from 1-2 days to 1-2 weeks depending on the size of the upgrade. During this phase OBA and the client will work together to identify, define and clarify any and all project requirements. The goal is to agree upon the scope of the project and to develop a true understanding of what is expected.

The Discovery Phase also gives the project team members an opportunity to discuss any foreseen issues and come up with preventive solutions. Once the phase is complete, OBA will work with the client to determine a project timeline.

The Project Plan and Timeline

The OBA Project Manager (PM) will create a project plan and will provide a Microsoft Project file for the client to review, and/or for the client PM to modify. Oftentimes it is beneficial to have one PM manage the plan with activities for both teams, however we are very flexible.

An IRMS Upgrade without validation can usually be completed in 8-10 weeks. Many of our clients are validated, which involves an additional phase in the project and typically a longer timeline, between 12-20 weeks, depending on the level of rigor required by the client’s QA department.

Kick Off

Once we officially kick off the project, the important milestones for an upgrade include:

  • Development Installation
  • Business Configuration
  • Validation (optional)
  • Training
  • Production Installation

Business Configuration

The Business Configuration is an onsite visit from our Subject-Matter Expert (SME) team to work through the desired requirements and physically configure them in IRMS. This visit can be scheduled for 2-5 days, as needed. The OBA SME team will provide an overview of the new functionality, suggest best practices and review your current business processes to see if they can be improved with new functionality or configurations.

After the onsite meeting, the client business team will be given a trip report listing all outstanding items. A System Configuration Specification (SCS) can be created, as well, for an additional fee. The purpose of this document is to establish a configuration baseline for the IRMS, Core Services, and Content Management applications. The SCS Document captures the configuration settings, parameters, and table values which affect how the system functions for the business.


OBA will also provide User and Admin training during the project. Our clients have the option of standard User & Admin upgrade training or custom training. This will be discussed in detail during the Discovery Phase. It has become popular for our clients that are validating to schedule two trainings; one before validation execution, and the other closer to the go-live date.

Production Installation and Go-Live

The Production Installation is preformed just like the Development Installation. As part of the production install process, all of the configurations made to the development environment during the Business Configuration will be migrated over to the production environment. Once the install is complete, you are live with your upgraded version of IRMS. OBA offers assistance with an OBA SME onsite for the first few days of go-live, if needed.

If you’re interested in learning more about an IRMS upgrade, please contact your Account Manager, Guy Rallo to get started. OBA is eager to begin working with you!