> IRMS Fall Workshop 2013 Review

Workshop Review

A Look Back at the IRMS Fall Workshop 2013

On November 6th we held our 2013 IRMS Fall Workshop in Chicago. It was well attended as 35 IRMS users from 22 different companies participated in the one-day event. We provided our first full showing of IRMS-Web highlighting the benefits of migrating to the web application, along with identifying what functionality will be included in releases moving forward. While certainly subject to change, we also highlighted the timetables associated with each release.

As we continue our development, we plan on having the first release of IRMS-Web tentatively available at the end of Q2 2014. This release is meant to allow IRMS-Web to work independently of Legacy IRMS. We also discussed the Sentinel Program, which is the migration plan to transition from legacy IRMS to the web application. We will work with each client to help determine when the web solution will fit their needs. The Sentinel Program will provide upfront discovery of existing customizations and analysis of how the system is currently being used. The Sentinel Program will also include a customized project plan, designed to meet the needs of each client, covering configurations, training and go-live support.

We discussed providing a sandbox instance of IRMS-Web for our clients to use and test which should be available in December. Look for a schedule from us for two one-hour WebEx training sessions in early December showing how to use the new web application. Those who participate in the WebEx sessions will be provided user names and passwords to access the sandbox environment. We will also provide methods of communication back from those testing in the sandbox environment to report any issues experienced and feedback on the development roadmap for future releases.

We also had a great presentation given by Phillip Hollenbeck from Baxter Healthcare regarding the current project of developing the IRMS-Web application as a global solution. Phillip’s presentation spoke to the phased approach in how they are implementing IRMS-Web to their global affiliates, as well as the benefits they have already seen in the solution handling their inquiry needs. The Baxter team has been instrumental in the progress of IRMS-Web, and it is with their efforts, along with the OBA team, that we are close to providing a general release.

Another topic discussed revolved around the new Sunshine Act requirements. Monica Kwarcinski from Purdue Pharma provided a detailed presentation on the new requirements, while also providing a client-led panel discussion with Stacy Kelly from Forest Pharmaceuticals, Suja Mathew from Otsuka America and David Shi from Novo Nordisk explaining how their teams interpret the regulation and how they will handle the process moving forward. We also explained the enhancements included in the latest general release of IRMS to allow all our clients a better way to add the necessary data, as well as extract it for reporting purposes.

This new panel discussion format allowed valuable discussion topics, and because it was so well received, we will look to incorporate more panel discussions moving forward in our workshops.

A special thanks needs to go out to Phillip, Monica, Stacy, Suja and David for their involvement in the workshop, as well as all those who attended and participated in the various discussions throughout the day. We rely our user community for your contributions so we can continue to learn and apply that knowledge to the future of the IRMS solution.

We know many of you who could not attend still would like to see the IRMS-Web application; we would be happy to provide a demonstration and go through its functionality, as well as discuss the various topics mentioned above at any time. Finally, we presented on our upcoming web services, which will provide a foundation to allow further integration with third party applications in a more efficient manner. The web services will be developed and released in a phased approach as we are targeting the first iteration for the end of Q1 2014.

We were extremely excited about the excellent turnout and participation in this workshop. Moving forward, we are considering holding one workshop during the late summer/early fall in 2014, possibly in lieu of two separate workshops. Providing an event in the Chicago area, central to both the east and west coasts, might logistically make more sense and it will allow us to have more OBA resources participate. We can explore expanding our curriculum to also include technical and training tracks, as well as more focused sessions on functionality, new enhancements and the web application. We welcome any thoughts or feedback from the user community on when or where OBA should hold workshops as we look to improve our schedule for 2014.

As promised, we will continue to keep everyone updated as we progress towards a general release of the web application, as well as what decisions are made regarding the 2014 IRMS Workshops.

We want to thank you all for your continued use of IRMS as a solution to handle your medical information, safety and complaint needs. We value your partnership. Please let us know if there is anything you need from us regarding any of our applications, modules or services.

For more information about IRMS-Web or our IRMS Workshops, please contact:

Guy Rallo
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