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IRMS Expands Share of Global Pharmaceutical Medical Information Market

November 04, 2013
CHICAGO, IL - Online Business Applications, the developer of the world’s most widely used medical information software solution, IRMS, has expanded its already significant lead in global market share for pharmaceutical medical information solutions. A leading international pharmaceutical company headquartered in Switzerland has selected Online Business Applications’ Information Request Management System (IRMS) to be their internal medical information software solution for all affiliates worldwide. The primary solution will be the IRMS-CE solution which is a web-based simplified case management tool designed explicitly for global affiliates. IRMS-CM, OBA’s enterprise content management solution is also a critical component of the solution. The company has an increasingly global presence, with manufacturing sites in Switzerland, the UK, and Portugal.

In addition, a biopharmaceutical company located in New Jersey recently decided to go with IRMS as their medical information solution. This growing company is focused on reproductive health, urology, gastroenterology, endocrinology and osteoarthritis. They have elected to launch with the cloud-based IRMS solution allowing OBA to manage the hardware and network as well as the software. Additionally, IRMS-AE (Adverse Events) will be used to initiate the adverse event capture process.

Finally, an Australian affiliate of one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies has selected IRMS as well. This company provides a broad range of products across many indications and therapies. Also choosing to implement with the cloud-based IRMS, this Australian client will enjoy rapid deployment, eliminating the need to purchase and install additional application or database servers. IRMS-AE will play a role in this deployment, including the full reporting capabilities of the software.

These additional clients have now increased the number of active IRMS clients to nearly 70 worldwide. Online Business Applications offers robust medical information, content management and reporting solutions for their clients and unparalleled service and support. The additional ability to capture adverse events and product complaints provides client unmatched flexibility and robust enterprise expansion capabilities. Joe Pierce, VP of Sales and Marketing stated, “OBA has been expanding our presence around the globe for the last few years. Our data privacy capabilities are critical for handling European regulations and our enhanced global features and content management capabilities allow for rapid deployment and successful acceptance despite different business and regulatory needs. We look forward to a long and rewarding partnership with all of our clients.”

About Online Business Applications
Online Business Applications has been developing software for medical information departments for over thirty years. Their comprehensive understanding of the unique requirements of these departments enables them to effectively deliver solutions to their clients that are appropriate and cost effective.

About IRMS
Engineered in partnership with over 100 pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies, IRMS has extensive off-the-shelf functionality. IRMS offers enhanced tools, robust reporting, document and correspondence management, FAQ database, and built-in data and privacy protection. As a complete solution, IRMS also offers optional adverse event reporting & capture , quality assurance, product complaint handling & tracking and content management modules as well as mobile and web functionality.

Joe Pierce VP, Sales and Marketing
Tel: 630-243-9810 x209