Business Services

Business Services

Take advantage of our industry experience

Business Services

OBA offers a variety of business services to simplify integration and maximize the functionality of IRMS in your organization.

On-Site System Installation and Configuration
Our team will install IRMS at your location, configure the installation to best fit your needs and provide system testing and validation. We work on-site with you, to learn your business processes and help identify the appropriate parameters, field values and options to set in IRMS to ensure a successful launch.

Custom System Development
OBA can provide custom modifications to accommodate specific functional needs not met by IRMS “out-of-the-box.”

Data Migration
Our data migration service assists in moving existing electronic data into the IRMS format. We can import documents and migrate previous cases, contact information and sales data.

Pre-Installation Architecture
OBA will implement client-server, thin-client Citrix and integrated solutions, while working with your IT staff to determine the appropriate hardware architecture and software integration necessary to meet your business needs.

Validation Documentation
Many companies must validate their technology solutions. OBA has comprehensive system documentation and test scripts that we can tailor to help you through the validation process.

Business Consulting Services
Our extensive industry experience allows us to provide consultation on department policy, system configuration and administration.

Valuable Partnerships
OBA has formed a number of valuable relationships with quality organizations that can help you be more efficient and productive in the areas of medical information outsourcing, medical writing, IT consulting and other services.