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IRMS-CM - Content Management

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Web-based Content and Document Management Solutions

The Medical Information department may not be the only users who are responsible for content. Many companies need to include other groups and departments in the generation, review and management of materials. IRMS-CM is a web-based content management system allowing the legal, sales and marketing, regulatory and other departments to participate in the review and approval of these materials. IRMS-CM allows groups to work together and share approved information from a single source.

IRMS-CM is a full-featured FAQ and document management system designed to fully integrate with the IRMS repository to provide an enterprise-wide document-management solution. Users have simple and advanced search options to help find appropriate content. They can also add comments that can be viewed by other users. The system allows for any piece of information to be related to any other piece of information, so users can easily see all other relevant content.

IRMS-CM simplifies the generation and management of medical information content or content for any department. Users can be assigned tasks for creation, review and approval of content, and workflow managers can easily track all relevant activity. IRMS-CM also allows other departments and groups to participate in the document creation or approval process without requiring a full IRMS user license.

Some key features include:

  • Workflow management
  • Shared global content, documents and FAQ's
  • Advanced search options
  • Simple content generation
  • Task assignment