CRM Integration

CRM Integration

Experience with CRM integration

Integration of IRMS with popular CRM tools

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems store all customer-related information in one place and give different groups within an organization access to that information. Although CRM can be an effective strategy for management of customer interactions, there are a number of concerns that make CRM challenging to implement in pharmaceutical and biotech companies using off-the-shelf Sales Force Automation (SFA) tools. The challenges include:

  • European privacy regulations
  • FDA drug safety regulations
  • Medical information unique business processes
  • Integrated content management
  • Letter generation requirements

OBA successfully integrates IRMS with popular SFA tools to provide medical information functionality within your own CRM environment. We can configure IRMS to seamlessly send and receive information from most CRM packages, including custom solutions. Options can include:

  • Sales requests automatically entered in IRMS
  • Information drawn by IRMS from a master contact database
  • Activity notification generated by IRMS
  • Sales opportunities generated by IRMS