Global Deployment

Global Collaboration with IRMS

IRMS is deployed in over 100 countries

The Struggle of Globalizing Medical Information

Delivering accurate and consistent medical information from across multiple sites or countries has never been a simple task. Far to often, different locations try to use their own unique tools to handle information requests and to keep medical content up to date. This results in each site having multiple databases where information is stored with limited hopes that all this data will somehow be connected. This model obviously creates a large barrier for any possibilities of standardized medical content or global reporting possibilities.

Collaboration is Key to a Successful Global Strategy

The IRMS global solution allows for a single location for global affiliates to house all data pertaining to the medical communications process. Sites can easily share such resources as standard letters, FAQ’s, product documents, case data and metric data.

The sharing of case data allows tracking and reporting on all inquiries around the world for a given product or product family. Thus, when a product is being approved for a new indication, forecasts can be determined by reviewing request levels in countries where your product has already been approved.

When all sites use the same solution, they can collaborate on efficient work processes, system use and company policies to improve efficiencies and productivity.

Collaborate on Content and Documents

By utilizing our content management system, IRMS-CM, sites worldwide can collaborate on the generation of literature, documents, FAQs, enclosures, slide decks, spreadsheets and more.
IRMS-CM makes the management of medical content quick and simple with such features as:

  • Automated notifications of changed or expired documents
  • Master document creation
  • Workflow management
  • Version control
  • Task assignments
  • Review and approval processes

A Smaller Need for Smaller Sites

While IRMS is an extremely robust and feature-rich solution, we understand that some sites need only a handful of the available functionality. Some international affiliates have the lone need to connect to the global medical information database for capturing and responding to medical requests but will not utilize the managerial features such as reporting, content creation or advanced querying. For these types of sites, we typically deploy IRMS-CE, our web-base case entry application. IRMS-CE is a simplified version of its parent application, IRMS.
IRMS-CE will give sites the ability to:

  • Capture medical information requests
  • Search the medical information database for appropriate documents or content
  • Optionally modify and attach documents to an email
  • Send out customized or standard template responses

Maintaining Independence

With our concept of ‘Divisions’, companies have the ability to easily maintain a global structure in addition to allowing site independence. Each division may handle multiple countries and languages along with the ability to setup their own rules, processes and security. While each division can operate independently, the information all still resides in a central database to allow for global reporting and collaboration.

Data privacy also varies across countries, which is why our global solutions include a data protection feature that can encrypt, limit or detect contact information based on software options that can be set independently in each country.

Data Privacy

IRMS has the ability to be able to protect personally identifiable information on a country-by-country basis. Business rules can be created to automate functions such as encrypting or deleting personally identifiable information based local requirements. Some options for these functions are based on the type of contact, whether consent is required, given or denied, or where the contact resides.

Encryption is also performed on any correspondence with the contact such as emails or letters. All of this is done while keeping the remainder of the inquiry intact so clients can still do necessary searching and reporting.