The History of Online and IRMS

Established in 1983

The History

Online Business Applications was founded by Dennis Oles and Rod Bjerke in 1983. IRMS was first developed in 1989 in conjunction with G.D. Searle and Company's Medical Information Department.

IRMS has been subsequently advanced and expanded for over 25 years. The technology has been kept current, and new features and functionality added to provide our customers the most cost effective, flexible software solution available.

In addition, while our customer base has grown from 11 in 1991 to over 70 in 2010, our client base includes some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. We have increased our ability to integrate with external client software. IRMS can integrate seamlessly into our customer's CRM initiates, while still providing the rich functionality necessary to communicate with Medical Professionals today.

Online Business Applications is expanding our offering as well. We offer solutions for management software for Product Complaints, Adverse Events, and Content Management. We have been providing customized solutions to our clients throughout our history. Our solutions are globally deployed, and our next version will take even greater advantage of the Internet to offer more flexibility to our clients and their partners.