Web-base Case Entry

Web-base Medical Information Entry - IRMS-CE

A web-based option of Case Entry

Access Case Entry from anywhere in the world with a browser

IRMS-Case Entry is a simple web-based application that gives global affiliates access to an entire medical information database, allows them to open or retrieve a medical information case file and lets them easily respond to and track information requests.

While IRMS is a comprehensive program, some companies utilize only a fraction of its total capabilities. For some international pharmaceutical affiliates, fulfilling medical information requests can be handled by a handful of functions, all of which can be enabled on the Web with no attendant IT requirements. IRMS-CE provides an affordable and stable case entry platform that can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

IRMS-CE is specifically designed to be compatible with the original; server-based IRMS system it accesses. All the fields and terminology are identical, and all modifications to a case file are viewable system wide.

Some key features include:

  • Enter contact information
  • Make note of the question being asked
  • Search for appropriate documents in the global database
  • Modify and attach documents to an email
  • Send message to the requesting physician with custom message or standard response template