Product Complaints


The product complaints module is integrated into IRMS

Product Complaint Tracking and Handling

IRMS-PC is an integrated plug-in module for the IRMS software suite. As a full complaint management system, IRMS-PC can handle all your product complaint tracking and correspondence data seamlessly from within a case or simply capture the required information necessary to electronically transfer a product complaint to another system.

All related activity is tracked and stored, including sample return, investigation initiation and updates, reimbursement or replacement requests, and follow-up activity. IRMS-PC generates appropriate forms, memos and requests, and can automatically set follow-up dates and actions based upon client-defined business rules. Integration with IRMS-PC means fewer case transfers, elimination of duplicate data and full electronic record tracking and reporting.

Because of its integration with IRMS, it is also in sync with other modules within the suite such as IRMS-AE, the Adverse Event module or IRMS-CM, the Content Management module. Thus, creating a simple way to globally deploy a solution that supports a collaborative business strategy.

Some key features include:

  • Capture source and type of complaint
  • Track investigations and investigation activities
  • Run comprehensive metrics reports
  • Track all case activities with comments
  • Cross-reference a complaint with other systems or cases within IRMS